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Welcome to the world of Kanigen plating

Kanigen plating, a synonym for electroless nickel plating has penetrated the surface treatment market. The characteristics which make it a remarkable highly functional type of plating are film thickness uniformity and abrasion resistance. Are you willing to seek new possibilities together with the use of Kanigen plating together with us?

Company Profile

Kanigen Thailand, a member of the Japan Kanigen group, is a pioneer in electroless nickel plating. From 1997, we have been providing this quality and technology in Thailand.

Our Products

Electroless Nickel Plating Solutions and Pre-treatment Chemicals

We are engaged in producing, importing and selling of various types of electroless plating and processing solutions to companies who are engaged with the plating process.

Our Products

Autoanalyzer and Filter Pump

We are also selling various types of instruments such as autoanalyzers and pumps which are used for stability management of plating solutions and cycle filtrations.

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